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Mind Body Yoga, a Center for Mindfulness, is here for anyone who wishes to go deeper into the foundations of yoga and mindful living. 

We are a peaceful, community oriented, environmentally conscious space open for people from all walks of life and all ages. Those with families, people who are injured, struggling with depression or anxiety, or who just want to practice the beautiful lifestyle art of yoga and mindfulness. We offer affordable yoga classes to all who seek the teaching. 

We are conveniently located in Northwest Austin.
New Student Testimonials:
"Spacious and beautiful, relaxing and comfortable, the atmosphere is full of good energy from the first step in the door." - Vanessa Kryzanowski

"I loved the gentle atmosphere when I arrived. It felt very warm and welcoming, I instantly relaxed. The class size was small and personal with guided direction. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will attend again!" - Judith Poe 

"They have an extremely welcoming atmosphere, and the staff was very helpful with it being my first visit. The mindfulness in motion class was relaxing, yet also a good stretch for the body. I really enjoyed it." - Sarah Sible

"Loved the class and this studio! Everyone there has good energy and is really kind. I hadn't done yoga in about a year and the Yoga Basics class was a perfect fit. Our teacher guided us into poses and let us chose how much we wanted to challenge ourselves." - Amber Furst

"Was a great first yoga class. I almost believe I'm built for this type of exercise. The instructor was really patient and explained everything. She never made me feel like I wasn't doing well even as a first timer. Thanks!" - Kristal McManigal

"The class was great. Very relaxed atmosphere. Students are able to perform to their own ability. Lots of positive reinforcement and just a great overall vibe. Perfect to destress and stretch yourself out while getting in a nice gentle work out. I left relaxed and with a smile on my face and will be back." - Brian Storrer

"I have done a few yoga classes before...but nothing like this. It was a really great experience! The instructor was very knowledgeable and she made everyone feel very comfortable and involved in the class. I love how the instructor focused on the mechanics of yoga, especially explaining the importance of keeping our body in mind while we practiced. I am so glad that the materials were at mind body yoga because I forgot to bring my mat. The entire facility was very clean, organized, and above all welcoming. I will definitely be back!" - Melissa Coley  

"This place is fantastic! I am new to yoga and have been here four times with 3 instructors and Kelly's restorative class on Mondays is the perfect relaxation to start the week! They are very helpful and welcoming to beginners and I would definitely recommend this studio to others." - Tiara Blackwood

"The Mind Body Yoga Lab completely exceeded my expectations! I have taken various types of yoga before, but have never had the opportunity to take a restorative yoga class. I felt absolutely amazing afterward. Our instructor guided us gently through each pose, paying individual attention to each one of us while 
it. I couldn’t agree more. We will definitely be back!" - Rebecca Larsen
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Mind Body Yoga
"There is no Way to Happiness, Happiness is the Way." 
Center for Mindfulness
12636 Research Blvd., Suite C-206 Austin , TX 78759
Phone: (512) 249-9201
30.431196 N -97.765236 W
We will be Closed Easter Sunday, April 20th

All classes on Friday and Saturday will remain scheduled as usual.

Friday, April 18:
5:30am - Early Flow Yoga - Jenn (1hr)
9:15am - Yin/Yang Yoga - Jaclyn
12:00pm Yoga Basics* Sumukhi (50min)

Saturday, April 19:
8:00am - Flexibility Yoga - Jaclyn(1hr)
9:15am - Mindfulness Yoga - Jenn
10:00am - Yoga Basics - Jaclyn
10:45am - Gentle Yoga - Jenn 
12:30pm - Mindful Flow - Graciela

Sunday, April 20th (Easter) - Closed